Congratulations on taking the next step on the path to Menopause Evolution

Please download the following files to assist you:

The Menopause Doula Training Course Manual – You will need the information in this book to study each lesson in the core framework and prepare for the assessments.

Please note the following:

Scope of Practise – p82 & p83

Mission Statement – p84

Terms of Agreement – p87

The Menopause Doula Training Course Workbook – You can use this as a guide when watching the videos to make notes. It also contains information on the marking summary, practice quiz questions, the 60-second module summary, how to use the MSSQ, and how to write the case studies.

Further reading library of scientific articles – this is not a part of the core content. This is additional content and not part of the criteria for competency.

Please join the Facebook group here To make sure we know it’s you please use the name and email on registration when prompted.

Please ensure we are on your email white list so we can contact you about the live training and networking.

Bookmark the following pages to be sure you can find your way around:

Student dashboard: where you can log in or out

Course home: come here to either start the course or continue the course

Quiz – They are automatically submitted to our admin dashboard on completion and show as a pass or fail. You need to record 100% correct answers to receive a pass. We have provided the quiz questions in the class notes, so you can prepare prior to trying the quiz. Your result is shown on the screen in your view, straight after the quiz has been completed. You have 1 attempt within the portal but can take the quiz again by request via email. If you do not pass the quiz stay calm. It will not impact your chances of receiving certification.

Downloads that relate to each lesson can be accessed inside that particular lesson. For example the video transcripts and other helpful documents.

If you experience any technical difficulties, stay calm, take a screenshot, and send an email over to support@themenopauseschool.com and we will find a solution.