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Our aim is to inspire you to make changes in how you approach conversations around menstruation & menopause, and facilitate learning for all who wish to create lasting change.

We offer:

  • Online Education (webinars & courses)
  • In Person Training (talks & workshops)
  • Suitable for Individuals, Organisations and Health Care Professionals

NEW:  Online Menopause Clinic

Personalised treatment and support at your finger-tips. Menstruation to Menopause well-being, with a whole person approach.

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A Changing Landscape

Currently there is no facility for anyone to learn about the typical hormone highway from menstruation to menopause within the framework of formal or other education systems. There is a significant health and social care crisis arising from the lack of understanding for menstruators reaching the point of hormonal decline, combined with large numbers for whom support, and historically education, has been missing.

An Innovative Approach

Our classes are designed to help you take care of yourself and take care of others. 


The Menopause School is the only UK provider of eLearning courses, seminars & webinars in menstruation to menopause, medically approved by Dr Joanne Hobson, BMS Advanced Menopause Specialist & Principal Trainer for the FSRH Menopause Care Special Skills Module. 

The Menopause School offer a new, exciting and original approach to educating and learning, based on clinical information with an integrity rarely seen in other current  online content”.

Dr Joanne Hobson

British Menopause Society, Advanced Menopause Specialist

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Menstruation to menopause lessons for the missed generation. Engaging & Inspirational. Designed and delivered by a Menopause Specialist Doctor.


Advanced Courses

The mechanics of menopause has not changed, but the life we lead has. It’s time the modern menopause had a different dialogue.

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Online Menopause Clinic

Personalised treatment and support at your finger-tips. A comprehensive range of advice from menstruation to menopause, with a whole person approach.

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Joining the dots …

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