Menstrual & Menopause Health Training

For Wellness Professionals.

A transformational framework that creates clarity and calm, allowing coaches and therapists to quickly and confidently support menstruators, from periods, to perimenopause and beyond.

Become a Menopause Doula

Backed by Science

We put an end to the myths in straightforward terms

Online Studies

A time efficient, mind-blowing learning experience

A Global Community

Be empowered to step into the arena and help others

Innovative Training

Menopause Doula Training Course 3.0

3 progressive levels in one innovative course


This foundation-level training provides you with essential hormone health biology, enabling you to easily create clarity and calm around menstrual and menopause health.


This intermediate-level training provides a deeper look at the science of menstrual and menopause health. Discover how to facilitate conversations and lead awareness sessions.


This advanced-level training provides you with the skills to become an accredited Menopause School, Menopause Doula. Learn how to create deeper, supportive conversations.

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Building a Menopause-friendly Future

We imagine a world where a person who menstruates can wake up each day feeling confident in their physiology, curious to learn more, and know there is a safe and supportive space to ask for help wherever they are on the menstrual health timeline. 

We believe the best way to do this is to create a global collective of Menopause Doulas, who will enable and empower others with the relevant and meaningful knowledge needed to make an informed choice on hormone health. Complete the form below and we will send you a copy of the Menopause Doula Course 3.0 Overview.


Menopause Health 101

For holistic health practitioners and wellness professionals

In just 7 minutes, I set the scene behind the mystery of menopause and provide an insight into the powerful knowledge that has been sitting in plain sight for hundreds of years.

Helping you to help others.

we do things differently

What will you learn with us?

A fast and effective way for holistic practitioners to transform the menstrual health experience for those they serve.

Learn about menstrual & menopause health in a professional-only space, so you can make a difference in the lives of people who menstruate. Thanks to our ‘structure related to function’ approach you can easily study the Menstrual Health Timeline framework in a few hours, and be creating confident conversations within days.

We place menstrual health at the core of female health

We have a unique approach that talks about menstruation before menopause, using The Story of Menopause. Ours is the only training of its kind that maps out the menopause journey from puberty. Learning the right kind of questions to ask (and what the answers mean) will then allow you as a wellness professional to support you clients directly or signpost them to best resources for them. In addition you can then adapt your treatments accordingly and get even better results for your clients.

We are building a dynamic community of holistic health professionals

We enable you to share menopause experiences and grow your knowledge with our continued professional development community. Our content places science at the center of the curriculum. We then show you how the science can be integrated across all kinds of treatments with a whole-person approach, and allow you the space to grow in that understanding by remaining connected to us via our online community for as long as you wish. 

The Story of Menopause

Why do we Start with Menstruation?

Menstrual Health is the Missing Menopause Memo


It just makes sense!

We are leading the way with an educational movement that shows the simplicity currently missing in the menstrual health space. 


The Missing Menopause Memo

We tell the Story of Menopause from the beginning and teach you to do the same, so you can share it with your communities and become Menstrual Health Evangelists!


You don't know what you don't know

Menopause doesn’t just happen. Ovarian aging is a one-way journey from the day periods start, to the day they stop. People who menstruate need to learn the fundamentals inside caring spaces, with information that is safe and sensible. 


Why Menstruators Need You?

To prepare for perimenopause

Historical lack of education on the topics of menstrual & menopause health has left menstruators the world over unprepared for the large-scale shifts that occur along the menstrual health timeline.

Be the person your client turns to

Menstruators need client-centered mentors to reach out to, who can guide and teach them with a supportive whole-person approach.

To create clarity and calm

The menopause narrative is often filled with misinformation and confusion. Menstruators, of all ages, need simple straightforward advice from the people they already know, like and trust.

Be a part of a lasting change

If you learn the language of Menstrual & Menopause Health, and then teach others to do the same, you will be transforming the menstrual health experience for generations to come.


What Our Students Say

I lacked any real knowledge of menopause before attending the course and the course was able to explain things in a way that was easy to digest and understand. It made me feel empowered as a healthcare professional and also as a woman. I felt in a better position and confident to support my patients as a result of the training.


I found the training so valuable. Whilst I felt pretty confident having conversations with people experiencing menopause, I learned much more than I expected and it’s been particularly useful having access to the platform to look back at to consolidate my learning