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We need to educate menstruators about The Story of Menopause, joining the dots between periods, perimenopause, and beyond.

Menopause is not an isolated part of female physiology.  The menstrual health journey begins the day 2 X chromosomes unite.

The events that then unfold are written by time, but narrated by the individual.


For holistic therapists and wellness professionals seeking a new and enlightened way of learning about menstrual health


For forward-thinking groups and organizations looking to support women & people who menstruate with their menopause transition journey


For individuals in search of resources and guidance which will empower and enable them to make informed decision about their own hormone health


Juilee Dandekar

Co-founder of Menopause School India

Diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis at age 37, Juilee had to undergo a hysterectomy and an oophorectomy putting her into a surgical menopause. Having undergone 6 surgeries in a span of 10 years, Juilee set out to prepare herself for what was to come – a premature menopause. But to her disappointment, there was little to no educational information available on the effects and impact of surgical menopause or menopause in general.
Juilee wishes to empower women and build an ecosystem based on scientific knowledge and support network to enable more women to take charge of their health proactively, so they can live an independent and more fulfilling life beyond their 40s

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