The Menopause School Accelerator Hub

A Fast-track Solution to Menstrual & Menopause Awareness For Wellness Professionals.

Join our Menopause Evolution and learn how to …

Change Lives

Be the self-assured leader your tribe needs right now, to create clarity and calm around menopausing


Be supportive

Effortlessly create confident conversations around menstrual & menopause health

Be The Resource (not Google)

Avoid the potential for misdirection and misunderstanding with an evidence-based whole-person approach

Be a Part of a Lasting Change

Don’t let doubt and fear hold you back. You need to learn today, to support your clients tomorrow

$7 per month gives you  ALL this and more …

Save Time

A growing library of ready-made client resources, coaching templates and presentations

A Library of Resources

The knowledge you need to make a difference, all in one safe professional space

Ongoing Development

Monthly Q & A, audio & video trainings, LIVE sessions and exclusive content

Join a Community

Connect and collaborate with link-minded professionals serving others

The first rule of Menopause School is …

we don’t talk about Menopause, unless we talk about Menstrual Health first!

The Menopause Space Needs Disrupting

The dialogue around menopause health care is too narrow. The conversation must include menstrual health, or you are short-changing yourself and the people around you.

Afterall, the hormones involved in menopausing are the same ones involved in menstruation.

Can you speak the language of hormones?

As a Health Coach, have you ever considered talking about menstrual health with your clients? The hormones involved create patterns that are like the 5th Vital sign. Knowing what to listen for is a wellness game-changer.

How are your periods?

Asked noone ever! But why not? We must look ‘beyond the bleed’ and become aware of menstrual health, every single day. Periods start. Periods stop. Let’s look at things with a lifetime lens and start talking Menstrual AND Menopause Health.

We need to STOP talking about Menopause!

Unless … we talk about the whole menstrual health journey and the shifts that take place through the entire lifetime of a menstruator.

Today’s menstruator is tomorrow’s menopauser!

Let me show you how easy it is to be safe, sensible and supportive

Learning the fundamentals of menstrual & menopause health is a lot easier than you think and will change the way you work with menstruators, of all ages.

All this for just $7 per month!

Yes. We are heading for a global healthcare crisis and we rapidly need to expand the number of individuals, with client experience, to create confident and supportive conversations, with a whole-person approach.

Who has the time for complicated, long and expensive courses?

Who is this suitable for?

Coaches, Trainers, Physical and Behavioural Therapists, Holistic Practitioners, Workplace Mentors – with an existing skill set of working with women and people who menstruate.

You need a safe space to learn, and ask questions, so you can serve others in the best way possible.

How Do You Join?

Click the Join Today button on this page to get started. You will have instant access to the hub and for as long as you are a paying a member.

No minium contract. You can cancel at any time.

If you have a tribe of your own and want to invite them too, go ahead, but ask about our affiliate program first.

The Mission …

Fiona Catchpowle, creator and founder of The Menopause School

Menstruators, of all ages, the world over need someone to reach out to as they travel along their menstrual health timeline.

There is a global healthcare crisis evolving, due to decades of poor education on the topics of menstrual and menopause health.

Wellness professionals and Holistic Practitioners are key to making a lasting change.

Who best to guide, nurture and support people and enable them to join the dots between periods, perimenopause and beyond.

Fiona Catchpowle, Creator & Founder