We help Holistic Practitioners and Wellness Professionals learn to guide, nurture, and support others on their menstrual health journey, from periods to no periods and beyond.

We deliver high-class training to a wide variety of practitioners from Massage Therapists to NHS Health coaches.

Helping you to help others.

Create Clarity & Calm

We teach you our step-by-step formula, enabling you to create confident menstrual health conversations.

Reduce Overwhelm

Learn how to integrate the topics into your existing service portfolio, and customise your offering to each client.


Accredited Training

Become an IPHM accredited Menopause School UK, Menopause Doula or Menopause Confident Practitioner

The Story of Menopause start with The Story of Menstruation


Menstrual Health is the missing menopause memo

It makes sense to start the story at the beginning, instead of halfway through. The menstrual health timeline includes every person who menstruates, from periods to perimenopause and beyond.

Follow our framework

Learn the science behind the story in relevant and meaningful terms, and then teach others with our template, allowing you to be ready to answer questions today.


Compact and Accessible

Everything is in one place, with solutions, templates, and answers saving you tons of time and research. Supported by a community of like-minded peers.

Create a Lasting Change

If you learn the language of Menstrual Health, and then teach others to do the same, you will be helping us save lives and change the world, one Menopause at a time.

Learning about Menstrual Health should be easy, but mostly it’s just the opposite.

Are you struggling to find resources as a wellness professional that will enable you to make a difference?

Are you and your clients confused by the Menopause Conversation?

Does it feel like it is going around in circles, and failing to help those that really need it?

Are you feeling left out and not really sure where to turn?

At The Menopause School we are changing all of that

We are creating a Menopause Evolution. A simpler solution that will help you and your clients thrive.

We have designed a professional-only space to explore the topics of menstrual & menopause health in a wider and deeper sense.

Learning the language of menstrual health will fundamentally pave the way to enhance your client relationships.

Have you ever asked yourself, why don’t we talk about menopause …?


This 7-minute read sets the scene behind the mystery of menopause and provides an insight into the powerful knowledge that has been sitting in plain sight for hundreds of years. If you could learn one thing today that would give you the knowledge to support your clients with their physical and mental health, would you like to read it, right now?

The Let’s Talk Series

Let's Talk Menopause

Listen in as I explain how ovarian aging works.

Let's Talk Hormones

Hormones affect the probability of our behavior

Let's Talk Menstrual Health

The Story of Menopause starts with the Story of Menstruation.

We do things differently

We are on a Global Mission to change the face of menopause care.

Menstrual Health, a fundamental part of our biology and the mother of all creation (quite literally), continues to be a second-class citizen in the eyes of educational establishments the world over. Our graduates will advocate for and empower others with the relevant and meaningful knowledge needed to make an informed choice on hormone health, from womb to tomb.

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