Talking Periods Audiobook

Created for menstruators over 25yrs

Essential information in bite-size pieces.

Joining the dots …  

… from periods to perimenopause

Unlock the benefits of your biology, beyond the bleed, with our smart and simple audiobook 

Menstrual Health Made Easy


Easy listening Smart & Simple

12 audio episodes designed with menstruators in mind. A straightforward way to learn about menstrual health, from the day periods start, to the day they stop.

Topics include – mental health & menstrual health, how to talk about periods, optimising the menstrual cycle,  the connection between menstrual health and menopause health, and much more.

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Why menstrual health matters

visual guides

Creative and Compact 

17 pages of innovative single-page designs. Easily accessible information in a nutshell.  Menstruators of all ages will find this format engaging and packed full of essential menstrual health know-how.

Topics include -menstrual cycle nutrition, period products, menstrual maths, cycle tracking tips, and much more.

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Joining the dots from

periods to perimenopause

Our Menstrual Health Self-care series is a combination of 12 mini podcasts (each less than 5 mins), with transcripts, plus 17 visual info-graphics.  Learn how to support your mind and body, the days you bleed, and beyond. 

Tuning into your cycle is a huge benefit to overall health. Learn about the food & movement that makes all the difference.You deserve to know how to live a life pain-free and full of energy, simply by knowing your cycle better than anyone else. 

The hormones associated with periods are incredibly powerful throughout the body and need to be considered in terms of physical and psychological health. Not just the days of bleeding, but the entire cycle.

now includes

Menopause Mapping

A symptom tracker with top-tips on how to build a menopause tool kit, with a whole-person approach.

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