The Truth

What: Interactive Workshop

When: Saturday 27th January 2024, 1-5pm

Where: The Midlands Art Centre

Who with:  Aamilah Begum, CEO of Menopause Talk CIC, and Fiona Catchpowle, Creator and Founder, of The Menopause School, in collaboration with The Menopause Group CIC.


What is the truth about menopause and what do you need to know to transition along the hormone highway with clarity and calm?

This is the workshop you have been waiting for. We will provide an opportunity to learn the essentials of hormone health from periods, to perimenopause and beyond in an innovative and engaging way. This 4-hour session will allow you plenty of time to get the answers you have been looking for. We will explore the science and spirituality of menstrual and menopause health, in a safe, supportive space.


The day will start with an introduction to The Story of Menopause – a smart and sensible format to learn the framework of menstrual health with a lifetime lens. You will learn the science behind the story in an innovative and engaging way.

Talking point – get answers to your most important questions. We will have so much time to cover the areas you want to know about most, in a safe supportive space.

Mental health and menstrual health – how are they linked and what choices do you have to manage the pathway, in a holistic way?

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