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If you are a Holistic Practitioner, who works with people who menstruate, we help you raise your game and be the person your clients are looking for to enable them to make an informed choice about hormone health with a lifetime lens.


Imagine talking about menstrual health & menopause with clarity and calm

We start the story of menopausing at the beginning. Menopause doesn’t just happen. The hormones involved in menstruation are the same ones as menopausing. You need to be sure the knowledge you have doesn’t shortchange your clients. 


How good would it feel to deliver relevant & meaningful information, with a purpose?

Our teaching methods will give you the essential hormone health knowledge you need to make a difference. On completion you will be equipped to lead conversations with ease, knowing that the information is evidenced-based and accurate.

Redefining Menstrual & Menopause Health Education

Let’s create a world, where you could simply reach out and ask for help from a trusted individual who will guide and nurture you along the hormone highway from menstruation to menopause.

With access to our advanced resources, you will be able to support others to design & create their own personalised Menopause tool-kit, which will give them the ability to thrive along the hormone highway from periods to no periods, and beyond.


The course format was easy to access and follow with excellent support before, during and after completion. I am excited to be part of changing the face of menopause care, enabling my clients to make informed decisions about their hormone health not just now but for the rest of their lives.

Gayle Stevens-White

This is the course I have been searching many years for. I found it very easy to follow (although still challenging enough) with the videos and slides, and liked that I could just rewind if I was unsure about anything.

Gayle Roberts

Women have no idea that oestrogens affect the whole of their body. This really is a bit of a revelation when it comes to understanding menopause symptoms and allows women to make sense of why they are so diverse.

Lisa Lyne

Why choose us?

We do things differently.

Our training has been designed with the intention of making a lasting change.

The Menopause Doula Training Course is NOT just an online program. Your continued professional development matters to us.

Our community is driven by a common aim, to save lives, and change the world, one menopause at a time.

What is the syllabus?

The portal contains 4 Modules, broken down into lessons, quizzes, and case studies (3).

  • Module 1 provides foundation knowledge on hormone basics, menstruation, and the hormone collective. We introduce the concept of a Hormone Highway as the framework from which we will then explore both hormonal ageing and reproductive ageing in relevant and meaningful terms to The Modern Menopause.
  • Module 2 looks at menopause in-depth, including what it is (and is not) as well as highlighting commonly held myths and misdirection around menopause.
  • Module 3 discusses the different approaches to managing menopause transition. It explores how Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be delivered and the types of difficulties it can help. We also present the benefits of a whole-person approach to the menopause experience.
  • Module 4 focuses on the bigger picture, the menopause toolkit and the positive role it can have on menopause well-being and long-term disability-free living.
Who are you learning with?

Fiona Catchpowle: Creator and Founder of The Menopause School, Menstrual Health Educator & Evangelist. BTEC Applied Biology, Cert. Ed.

What will you achieve?

Certification from The Menopause School

You will graduate on completion of ALL modules and quizzes, plus a final submission of x3 case studies for discussion with a mentor.

How do I submit the 3 case studies?

Prior to writing your first case study, you will have a call with your allocated tutor. Together you can discuss the framework of the case studies, which are normally done in written format following our recommended structure. They are an opportunity to showcase your new knowledge and demonstrate you have the skills to create confident and supportive conversations around menstrual & menopause health.

Who is this suitable for?

Coaches, Trainers, Physical and Behavioural Therapists, Holistic Practitioners, and Workplace Mentors. Previous experience in supporting women and people who menstruate is advised, but not essential.

When do I become a part of the Community?

As soon as you join. We host regular networking and informal educational meet-ups with others on the program now and completed it in the past. If a collaboration opportunity arises we always look to our community first and foremost. Plus, you can become a brand evangelist and join our affiliate program.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. You can make a single payment of $290 saving $34

or 12 monthly installments of $27

Do you offer refunds?

No. In order to protect our individual approach to this topic we do not provide refunds. If you have any questions prior to joining, to be sure this is the right course for you, please email

If you have a tribe of your own and want to invite them too, go ahead, but ask about our affiliate program first.

How do you Join?

Choose your payment plan and select the Join Us Today button. You will have instant access to the online school. Check your emails for confirmation and login details. If you have any technical difficulties please get in contact via email

What happens after payment?

You will be taken to the online school dashboard and your own account. From here you can access the course and get started today.