Menstrual Health Made Easy from The Menopause School

Learning about Menstrual Health should be easy, but mostly it is just the opposite.

Menopause Conversations with a Difference.

As an experienced Menopause Doula I am here to enable you to take your next best step along the menstrual health timeline, with easy to understand conversations, that create clarity and calm, allowing you to act quickly and confidently to make choices that work for you. 

Relevant Facts

I put an end to the myths in straightforward terms

Clarity & Calm

Discover easy ways to make informed choices.

Feel empowered

I give you the tools to advocate for yourself

a whole person approach

How does it help to work with a Menopause Doula?

I help you to catch your breath.

At The Menopause School we place menstrual health at the core of female health. Ours is the only conversation of its kind that maps out the menopause journey from puberty and gives you the tools to take a breath and think about what happens next.

I help you find the words.

If you are feeling different and not quite sure how to explain the sensations you are experiencing I will give you the menstrual health literacy to articulate what is happening and enable you to find different ways of doing things to create a variety of options.

I help you make a plan.

I give you the time to share your menstrual health experience and talk openly about the physical and emotional consequences. I also help you prepare, adapt and emerge from the conversation with clear ways that you can utilise to feel empowered to take your next best step. 

Talking Menopause

Our Conversation Options

time to breakthrough

Discovery Call

This 15-minute FREE video call is an opportunity to get to know each other and see if a full one-hour consultation is the best way forward for you.

transforming menstrual health

Talking Menopause

During our time together we will talk about your hormone journey so far, explore some options to enhance your menstrual health and discover how to create your own menopause tool kit using a simple system called Menopause Mapping.™

Price: £45 (60 minute duration)

a whole person approach

How can I help you?

Guide, nurture & support

Lack of education on the topics of menstrual & menopause health has left menstruators unprepared for the large-scale shifts that occur along the menstrual health timeline. A Menopause Doula can provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices.

A whole-person approach

Our conversation is centered on your personal experiences, and individual values & beliefs. I can help you explore different ways of doing things to build a menstrual health tool kit that works best for you, with the added caveat, ‘What you choose today, may not be what you choose tomorrow’.


A two-way conversation

The menopause narrative is often filled with misinformation and confusion. Menstruators, of all ages, need simple straightforward advice from people who are trained to create confident and supportive conversations. As a training provider for the Internatioanl Practitioners of Holistc Medicine, you are in safe hands.

Support for you and others

When you are finding it hard to understand the changes it can create intense emotional situations for those around you as well. To give everyone space and time to think and talk with clarity and calm, you are more than welcome to bring someone with you to the conversation.

About Me

My Why

When I hit the foothills of perimenopause my initial personal experience was one of confusion, worry, and anxiety. As a Biology Teacher and Holistic Therapist, how was it possible for me to have missed the menopause memo. At the time all I wanted to do was to speak to someone who could point me in a better direction than the one I was currently facing. I couldn’t find that person, so set about creating a global collective of Menopause Doulas who could be the person you reach out to, to guide nurture and support you along the menstrual health timeline from periods to no periods and beyond.