We teach Health Entrepreneurs and Wellness Professionals how to create confident conversations about menstrual & menopause health. The Menopause School is a certified Training Provider of the International Practitioner’s of Holistic Medicine.

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Advanced Course

Become a certified Menopause Doula. Guide, nurture, and support others on their menopause journey.

Business Networking

Connect and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs in the world of Menstrual & Menopause Health and Well-being

Presentations For Organisations

We guide you as to the right topic, and timing, to create the best learning experience so everyone benefits.


The Modern Menopause

The mechanics of menstrual health has not changed, but the life we live has. As such the mechanism for delivering appropriate menstrual & menopause education, needs to evolve.


Beyond the bleed

To make a lasting change with a view to closing the health & education gap, we need to view Menstrual Health with a lifetime lens, joining the dots between periods and postmenopause.


The Hormone Highway

Menstruation starts. Menstruation stops. The destination is the same but the journey is different. The hormones involved have roles way beyond periods and pregnancy.

The Mission

Menopause is not a standalone time in a person’s life. Menopause is not a condition or process that sits in its own physiological bubble that may only affect a few. Every human assigned female at birth will experience a menstrual health event of some kind. At any one time this represents a quarter of the world’s population. The other quarter will be about to, or have, encountered menstruation.

Menstrual Health, a fundamental part of our biology and the mother of all creation (quite literally), continues to be a second-class citizen in the eyes of educational establishments the world over. Our aim is to create a global collective of Menopause Doulas who will advocate for and empower others with the relevant and meaningful knowledge needed to make an informed choice on hormone health, from womb to tomb. 

Learn to Talk Menopause

Straightforward content that starts the story in a better place


Build Awareness

Easily create confident conversations, with clarity and calm

Make a Lasting Change

We are creating a Global Collective changing the face of menopause care

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