We teach Holistic Practitioners and Wellness Professionals how to develop confident conversations about menstrual & menopause health, building clarity and creating calm.

Helping you to help others.

Online Advanced Training

Become a certified Menopause Doula. Learn to guide, nurture, and support others on their menstrual health journey.

A Community of Professionals

An exclusive space to explore the topics of menstrual & menopause health in a wider and deeper sense alongside other health entrepreneurs.

Worldwide Accreditation

As an approved IPHM training provider, we have met their rigorous standards to ensure the quality and credibility of our whole-person approach.

The First Rule of Menopause School …

… we don’t talk about menopause, unless, we talk about menstrual health first.


We do things differently

We start the Story of Menopause in a better place, at the beginning.


Make a lasting change

Learn to lead conversations with ease, by understanding the science behind the story. 


Be the person your client needs today

Millions of females are struggling to find the right person to reach out to for help with their menstrual health journey. 

The Mission

We deliver high class training to a wide variety of practitioners from massage therapists to NHS Health coaches.

We are on a mission to change the face of menopause care, by teaching holistic practitioners and wellness entrepreneurs to think differently about menstrual & menopause health and show you how easy it is to integrate this supportive role it into the work you already do.

Our training will equip you with the skills you need to transform lives. 

When you enroll with the Menopause School you join a community of like-minded people dedicated to a whole person approach, backed by science.

Are ready to make a meaningful impact?

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Michelle Zaro Menopause Doula

Michelle Zaro Menopause Doula

Congratulations to Michelle Zaro, our first Menopause School UK, Menopause Doula, On the East Coast of the United States. Michelle Zaro is a certified Menopause School, Menopause Doula and the creator of "The Meno Mama," where she works one-on-one with those traveling...

Menopause: the truth about the signs and symptoms

Menopause: the truth about the signs and symptoms

There is more to menopause than meets the eye, so let us look at the bigger picture. The perception to many is that menopause means symptoms. In fact, it is very far from the truth. A menstruator may have no symptoms whatsoever, but they will still be traveling in a...

Navigating menopause: How one conversation can change lives

Navigating menopause: How one conversation can change lives

Creating a calm and considerate conversation about menopause, that will benefit both client and holistic therapist is much easier than you think. My main top tip is to not start with menopause, and forget everything you heard about menopause being taboo, stigma, or an...

Learn to Talk Menopause

Content that starts the story in a better place


Build Awareness

Easily create confident conversations, with clarity and calm

Make a Lasting Change

We are on a Global Mission to change the face of menopause care

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