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Our Community Project

The Menopause Group CIC (13547024) is a Community Interest Company. We are the parent company of The Menopause Directory & School Limited. 

Knowledge is power

You can’t manage what you don’t understand. Education is the key to making informed choices.

Relevant & Meaningful

Connecting in a way to inspire the community to make their own lasting changes.

Early Intervention

Simple and straightforward solutions to drive positive health outcomes, for all.

Our vision is to reach all parts of society through community workshops, bringing our education, support and ensure that we reach the right people at the right time, through our evidence-based learning and working within NICE guidelines.

Fiona Catchpowle

The Menopause Group CIC

the menopause memo

Enabling Change

We deliver community-wide, early intervention educational sessions on menstruation and menopause to repair damaging lack of awareness on the topics. We address these complex issues using a straightforward and easy to understand approach, presented in our popular, original ‘biology for grown-ups’ format, which has been endorsed by Dr Joanne Hobson, a BMS Menopause Specialist.

“Adding value to the conversation”

The majority of menstruators have never been given a lesson on the basic physiology of the monthly hormone cycle and how it impacts their health, physically and mentally, throughout their entire lives, even when it stops at menopause. Subsequently when the hormone shifts occur, because of this lack of foundation understanding, the anxiety, depression, mood changing sensations and many other ‘symptoms’ creates a very real, debilitating health challenge. 

about us

Our Mission

We aim to inspire people to think differently, enabling them to understand the long term consequences of not menopausing in a healthy way, make changes and create positive outcomes.

We promote education and support from Menopause School accredited individuals for people that menstruate and transition through perimenopause, menopause to post menopause regardless of circumstance, while advocating for better support for all.

The Menopause Group CIC is committed to continued learning amongst all who train with us to ensure equality, diversity, inclusivity and belonging among our members, volunteers, employees, course trainees and the community.

All our Menopause Well Being Courses provides an opportunity to change the future of menopause care through education, knowledge and support. 

Our aim is to …

  • Promote life-changing, evidence-based education and support for people who menstruate and transition through perimenopause, menopause to post menopause
  • Work within the guidance set out by NICE
  • Nurture our community
  • Advocate for better support for all menstruators

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