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Workplace settings can support and enable employees to take responsibility for their own lifestyle options by providing appropriate resources and tools. 

The Menopause School have created a simplified system, which will provide the opportunity for a right person, right place, right time approach leading to effective, valuable, understanding on personal wellness from Menstruation to Menopause.

Relevant & Meaningful

Designed to make you think differently about menstruation to menopause. 


Creative content that makes a point. Biology doesn’t have to be boring!

Health & Well-being

You can’t manage what you don’t understand. Our training helps to promote a positive work place environment for everyone

Creating lasting change, means moving away from single campaigns. It’s time for radical transformation.”

Dr Joanne Hobson

British Menopause Society, advanced menopause Specialist

an innovative approach


When selecting a provider of workplace training on topics such as this, you need to be confident in the quality and integrity of the material.

The Menopause School is the only UK provider of eLearning courses, seminars & webinars in menstruation to menopause, medically approved by Dr Joanne Hobson, BMS Advanced Menopause Specialist & Principal Trainer for the FSRH Menopause Care Special Skills Module. 

Options include:

  • Webinars
  • e-Learning courses (CPD accredited)
  • Menstruation to Menopause manual
  • HR Guidance
  • Workplace policy
  • Free Resources

the menopause evolution

The Gateway to Change

A time and cost-effect solution which provides a cohesive menstrual health strategy from periods to postmenopause.

We create a conscious relationship between menstruation and mental wellness, and periods to postmenopause.  This alone can then empower people who menstruate with relevant and meaningful knowledge, from which they can make an informed choice.

Our doctor-led resources demystify the hormone highway and enable each individual to take a role in shared decision-making over their own health and well-being.

In addition to The Gateway we can provide a comprehensive range of educational resources from menstruation to menopause at an entry level, or advanced options for a tailor made package for your team, and employee demographic.

An eLearning Hub:

The resources in this easily accessible gatweway will enable you to:

  • explore what it means to view menstrual well-being markers and hormonal decline in terms of overall health.
  • review the importance of healthy ageing and how it is directly related to healthy ‘menopausing’.
  • learn about action steps to support hormone health and review signposts for additional guidance.

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