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We offer workplace well-being training that provides you with the tools to enable your teams to have an effective, valuable understanding on personal wellness, from Menstruation to Menopause.

We are really good at creating tailored experiences that connect, guide, and inspire everyone.

Passionate about Menopausing

We eat, sleep and breathe all things hormone highway related from periods to postmenopause and beyond.

Engaging Content

We are creative and unconventional. No death by powerpoint and no awkward silences. Biology doesn’t have to be boring.

Menstruation Matters

Why join the narrative in the middle? Begin the story of menopause where it starts, with periods. 

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Topics to choose from

solid foundations

Menstrual Health Made Easy

A step by step journey along the Hormone Highway. 

  • Joining the dots from periods to perimenopause
  • Menstrual Health awareness
  • Why menstruation is the missing menopause memo
  • For: Everyone
  • Where: Live & Online
  • Length: 60 mins

next level

Managing your Hormone Highway

The bigger picture of menopausing well.

  • Why healthy ageing is directly related to healthy menopausing
  • Demystifying the menopause
  • A seamless transition in post reproductive health.
  • For: Everyone
  • Where: Live & Online
  • Length: 60 mins

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