2.0 Introduction

Typical hormone levels as a collective are imbalanced, even at optimal levels.

  • They are not all at the same level at any one time.
  • There is an imbalanced balance.
  • The ratio to each other is what matters
  • If the imbalance is offset too much in one direction, health, and well-being will most likely be impacted in a negative way.

[The exception to a huge hormone shift that in general terms would be considered a positive change is pregnancy, for example].

Ovarian activity leads to changes in sex hormone levels, but the hormone collective jointly contributes to whole-body change that may lead to signs & symptoms, and risks & consequences. As such a whole-person approach is needed when supporting hormone health.

Lesson Content

2.0 Introduction (where you are now)

2.1 The Hormone Collective (class notes)

2.2 Video – The role of oestrogen in the entire body