How to get around in the online school

Here are some navigation top tips:

If you have any technical questions. or concerns please email

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Download the guidebook here.

Moving from lesson to lesson

  • To move to the next lesson you can use the arrows at the top of the screen, or the labeled tabs on the left of the screen.
  • Follow the lessons in sequence as shown, as the topic has a variety of layers and has been designed so each section builds on the previous one.
  • The lessons will grey out and show as part of the % completed bar if you use the progress button at the top of the screen to move through in sequence. 
  • It will either say ‘Next Lesson’ or ‘Complete and Continue’, with a turquoise background.
  • Even though the lesson is showing as faded once you have completed it, you can still circle back and look at the lesson/video again.

Content structure

Each lesson has an introduction, a set of class notes, and a video.

The read and watch time is annotated at the top of each page.

The LIVE Workshop

The link to join the Live Workshop is HERE and shown in the section marked LIVE replay, which is where the replay will also be hosted.

The Live Workshop doors will open at 9.50am. The training will start at 10am, prompt and finish at 12 pm likewise. Unless you want to chat in the metaphorical car park for an additional 10 mins or so.

The Live Workshop will start with a short Q&A for matters arising from the self-study Lesson 1-6. If a specific question is likely to be answered during the training we will address this and move the question to the end.

Please submit your questions ahead of time via this email:

You can submit questions even if you cannot make the live session.

The practice questions and live test will be added to the school after the workshop