The Beginner’s Guide to Menopause Ultimate Summer Bundle


5 of our top resources in one easy to access ultimate menopausal bundle

  • A perfect Summer read to get your head round the changes and shifts taking place in your mind & body.
  • A simple and straightforward collection of eBooks & videos about perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

We’ve put together our favorite resources in one fabulous Summer Download & EXTRA Printables!


What do we cover in our Ultimate Summer Bundle, ALL medically approved by our favorite Menopause Specialist Dr Joanne Hobson?

  • The hard, solid facts about menopausing from start to finish
  • Why the story of menopause starts with menstruation
  • The things you’re never told about hormones at school
  • What to put in your menopause tool-kit and why
  • The steps you can take to get the support you deserve

And what comes in this ultimate menopausal bundle …

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Menopause – fact filled eBook
  • The Missing Menopause Memo – a short read that starts the story in the right place – with menstruation!
  • A Menopause Journal – join the dots – a set of easy to use printables you can print off time and time again, including practical suggestions & tips on building your menopause tool-kit, record your symptoms, food & mood diary and setting goals.
  • Prepare for Perimenopause – an exclusive 4 part video series in conversation with Dr Jo herself.





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