Module 2

This module features x5 videos with Fiona Catchpowle


Lesson 1: Hormone basics

As well as our birth to death hormonal blueprint, these powerful chemical messengers called hormones have mini blueprints throughout our lifetime.

8 min.


  • Video notes
  • Research papers

Lesson 3: The cortisol connection

How does stress affect menopausal symptoms?

8 min


  • Video notes

Lesson 5: Therapeutic Solutions

How do holistic treatments support the mind and body during menoapusing?

5 min

Lesson 2: Nutritional Insight

It is really important to understand that any nutrition advice aimed at biological females, is not necessarily accurate for a menstruator during perimenopause.

17 min.


  • Video notes


Lesson 4: Moving through menopause

Use it or lose it! Moving is universally agreed as being good for you.

10 min