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The HRT conundrum

The HRT conundrum

If you're thinking of taking Menopause HRT to support your journey along the Hormone Highway, which ones do you ask for?  The information broadcast predominantly on social media by non-menopause specialists has become a little confused of late. There is more to HRT...

A Hormone Health Tool-kit

A Hormone Health Tool-kit

What will you put in yours? Become a Hormone Detective and tune into you. Before you can truly find the best bits for you you need to stat with some solid data. Once you have that you can then turn it into simple, sustainable actions. (Grab a copy of our tracker...

Joining the dots …

Joining the dots …

... from periods to perimenopause Menstrual cycle hormone levels change every single day to form a repeat pattern. The hormones created by the ovaries & brain as part of the menstrual cycle are circulated throughout the entire body and do not circulate between the...

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