a vision of care

Doctor-led Training 

Comprehensive training on menstruation to menopause knowledge, from a whole person perspective.

The Menopause School training will ensure you receive the most up to date, evidence based information, from a British Menopause Society accredited Advanced Menopause Specialist. 


This certified, foundation course provides comprehensive training on menstruation to menopause.


A fresh approach to menopause care that compliments and reaches out beyond traditional settings.

Health Care Professionals

The Menopause Support Advisor Course is for Health Care Professionals only. 

an innovative approach

The Vision

We have a vision of care for the modern menopause where knowledge and understanding of the Hormone Highway is easy to access for ALL.

Hormone shifts can have a huge impact on physical and mental health. With a historical lack of education on the topics of menstruation to menopause how can anyone make an informed choice?

Integrated & Practical

Relevant and meaningful content to enable solution focused outcomes.

Guidance & Support

A straightforward and effective system, which provides core principles and the opportunity for expanded learning.

The Menopause School have developed an exciting and original approach to educating and learning, based on clinical information with an integrity rarely seen in other current  online content”.

Dr Joanne Hobson

British Menopause Society Specialist

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